Eagle Scout Trainwreck LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGES

Eagle Scout Trainwreck Live Resin Cartridge, Our full-spectrum high terpene extract vaporizer cartridges are made from premium Humboldt-grown cannabis, flash frozen during harvest to maintain the integrity of the cannabinoids and to preserve the flavorful terpene profiles for an unrivaled experience. No added distillate.  Live resin carts are simply vape oil cartridges that have been filled with live resin instead of a more conventional cannabis concentrate.

Eagle Scout Trainwreck Live Resin Cartridge

Live resin concentrate will tend to contain far higher quantities of terpenes than other types of cannabis concentrates. That’s why it is often so much more flavorful and aromatic than cured varieties of concentrates – and also the reason why they’re so popular with cannabis connoisseurs. buy marijuana online here