Humboldt Finest Jade OG

Jade OG is a delicious sativa dominant strain derived from OG Kush and another Kush descendent. It’s the perfect strain for those of you who like natural, earthy flavors! Himalaya Originals cartridges deliver premium quality at an affordable price point. Each single-strain batch is crafted to deliver authentic flavor and high potency. Jade OG

All New, Half Ounce Little Nugs Bags

Same Premium Flowers.
New Budget-Friendly, Sustainable Package.

  • Picked and packed by hand into 100% biodegradable bags—a budget-friendly alternative to glass jars.
  • Simple to use with any delivery device.
  • Phase 3 lab-tested free of pesticides, microbials and heavy metals.
  • Environmentally friendly and convenient—simply place empty bags into the trash can or compost pile (not the recycling bin).